Environmental Problems in Australia

What are the major environmental problems in Australia?
Deforestation is one of them as a lot of trees get burned down by heartless humans. The truth is we also need these trees so it is important to plant more trees in the future. Some tree cutters have different missions in mind. It is wrong to cut trees and use the vacant land for commercial properties. There is a huge space allotted for that so may as well make use of it. Nuclear waste is another major problem as factories dump their nuclear waste at the wrong place. When they dump it to the water, it is going to go to living creatures nearby and the results are not good. They should do the right thing and dispose of their nuclear waste properly. Land clearing is another problem as people get their houses demolished all the time for no apparent reason. it is the wrong thing to do at a time when everyone is struggling to survive. Without the proper documents, nobody has any right to demolish a certain parcel of land unless given permission by authorities.

What are the 5 major environmental problems?
The first is air pollution which comes from vehicles and cigarettes. It is doubtful this is going to be solved anytime soon due to the many people who are addicted to smoking. There are a lot of alternatives to smoking that won’t cause lung cancer in the future. If you know someone who smokes a lot, better tell that person all those alternatives like chewing gum. The second is water pollution as a lot of careless people throw face masks and other forms of trash in the water when they are out in the sea. This is the wrong thing to do as you would not want to pollute the sea. The third is climate change as we can’t adjust to the climate changing a lot faster than we thought. As a result, a lot of people would die from hunger and a lot would lose their homes. As they say, it would be better to be safe than sorry. The fourth is deforestation as the forest always gets torn down by stupid people with the hopes of taking down what Mother Nature has given us. There should be a constitution that would prevent that from happening so nobody could ever touch those things.

What are the four problems that affect Australia?
One is water use as a lot of Australians wastes a ton of water each day. These individuals don’t really care about their future since they are pretty ignorant. Another is conservation as it seems pretty obvious Australians are not conserving the natural resources enough. It is something that needs to be done so that the future would look bright. Unfortunately, it is not something that a lot of people are prioritizing. Another problem is mining issues as miners are not doing their jobs properly when they go down there. They should properly get trained for years.